This is chilling:

"Unfortunately, what we didn’t know is the FDA’s approval process favors drug companies over consumers like Woody, and FDA approval does NOT necessarily guarantee safety. In fact, Big Pharma actually pays for the majority of drug safety reviews through their application process..."

We were all so naïve. Thankfully you have educated yourself and have dedicated your life to alerting others of what you have learned. I know how dedicated you are, and I love how you have stepped up during this pandemic to help guide others. It seems like your work will never end. But I know you have saved countless lives through each step that you take in this journey.

I'm so proud to see you writing about your vital work. So many would never second guess the FDA or their doctor without you always encouraging us to question everything regarding prescription drugs (and now vaccines).

Amazing work, my friend!

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There was Suicide in the Pfizer Covid19 jab trial and to 15 April 2022 Pfizer reports case numbers:

Completed suicide 27

Suicidal ideation 349

Suicide attempt 51

Depression suicidal 34

Suicidal behaviour 11

Suicide threat 4

Suspected suicide 1

Intentional self-injury 23

Self-injurious ideation 18

Self-destructive behaviour 1

I wonder if your Committee can investigate that further and see if it applies to Moderna?

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