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From the heart shattering loss of my husband due to an undisclosed side effect of an antidepressant, I sought change. I decided to become an advocate for pharmaceutical drug safety and reform. 

I never wanted anyone else to go through what I went through, to have to ask after a pharma-related tragedy, “How come I didn’t know this?!”  

To be clear, I’m not anti-drug, I’m pro-information. A 25 year career in advertising and marketing has taught me all about the art of persuasion (and even, manipulation) to get what you want. It’s also shown me how to connect the dots, in this case, between Washington, the FDA, Big Pharma, Patient/Disease Awareness organizations, and the healthcare system. 

Spoiler alert: follow the money (aka Selling Sickness).

I continue to stand up to the Big Pharma and FDA machines to demand honesty, transparency, reform and accountability. It’s important that the every day, real world perspective is represented in healthcare conversations. Our lives are at stake.

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Observations from An Accidental Advocate


Leading global drug safety advocate, Consumer Rep on FDA Advisory Committee, and speaker with over 25 years professional experience in advertising and marketing communications. Sometimes our greatest purposes choose us.  www.kimwitczak.com